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About Us

Based in California, we have access to so many authentic snacks that we couldn't help but share them with you! It is important to us that even though the snacks we send are different, they also taste very good. Each of our boxes go through several rounds of testing to make sure what we include is not only unique, but also delicious.

Our dream is to be able to travel the world when we choose and experience both different cultures and foods. Since that is what sparked this idea, it is very important to us that we can inspire others to pursue their dreams as well. That is why each box has an inspirational magnet - it's hopefully a start to something bigger!

We strive to build a community of positive thinking individuals who can help each other along the way, so please share and comment! We also constantly update our blog with great articles on traveling, culture, and growing a business. Can't wait to hear about your adventures!