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Fun Facts About the UK

by John Levine March 17, 2017

Fun Facts About the UK

Experience the United Kingdom

Funny how Americans think of the Queen when it comes to the British while other Europeans are wondering how much alcohol the British consume. Anyways that was totally irrelevant since today we will be exploring fun food facts from the UK!

Tea Consumption

Everyone always jokes about how much tea the British drink. Well, it’s really no joke… The British drink 165 million cups of tea each day and only about 70 million cups of coffee. On the contrary, Americans drink almost four times as much coffee as they do tea. We felt it was only right to add two packets of Darville’s tea in the UK box, the same tea they serve in the Royal Palace.

Afternoon Tea


And what to the British love dunking in their drinks? Biscuits. The average British household consumes over 100 packets of biscuits a year. The British love for biscuits is so intense, it resembles more of a danger than a hobby. A study in 2009 showed that more than half of all Britons have been injured by biscuits. Highlights include scalding from dunking biscuits in hot tea, getting poked in the eye from flying fragments, breaking a tooth, or falling off a chair reaching for the tin. Take a look at these lethal tea biscuits.

Dangerous Tea Biscuits

Pub Food

Bars in the U.S. rarely have anything beyond chicken fingers and fries, but in the UK, pubs offer a selection of delicious comfort food such as shepherd’s pie, fish & chips, and steak & kidney pudding. It became a place for friends to gather for dinner after work and families to have dinner. Think MacLaren's Pub from How I Met Your Mother.

The Sandwich

Yes, the sandwich was made in Britain. How you ask? A minister of state back in the late 1700s named John Montagu was a huge gambling addict. He would not leave the gambling table even to eat and eating meat on its own would be too messy. His solution? Slap the meat and filling between two pieces of bread and WABAM, America’s most popular lunch food!

First Chocolate Bar

No way! The first chocolate bar too? That’s right, the first chocolate bar was invented in Bristol during the 1700s by Joseph Storrs Fry. Later, the company merged with British chocolate giant Cadbury. Today, we have Cadbury Crunchies, possibly the most delicious chocolate cookie ever made, but that’s just my opinion.


Whether you think Brits are too uptight or quite a delight, you have them to thank for some of your favorite everyday foods. Check out our UK box to taste some delicious treats from the UK!

Go to: United Kingdom Box

John Levine
John Levine


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