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Experience Korea

by David Wang December 08, 2016

Experience Korea


From innovative cosmetics to arguably one of the most wired populations in the world, South Korea did not hold back when it came to the food Koreans eat. Their creativity gave birth to exuberant cafes and delicious confectionary snacks. We wanted to reflect this innovative spirit by making the postcard for the Seoul Set seem somewhat futuristic.

Coffee Culture 

By now you are hopefully digging into your box already, and if you are, you will find one of the most popular instant coffees in the world. Maxim Instant Mocha has made several internet top lists because of its creamy taste and soothing aroma. Not only does coffee go well with the snacks, but it is also a staple in South Korea.

Can you believe that South Korea has the fastest growing consumer base for coffee in the world?! You can find a coffee shop in South Korea about every 50m and Korean people drink coffee 12.3 times a week on average. Instant coffee is also extremely popular in Korea, dominating home coffee consumption.

Choco Pie 

Choco Pies are one of the classic Korean snacks. The two most popular brands are Orion and Lotte, but since Orion is the preferred brand for Choco Pie in Korea, that is what we packed for you. However, the history does not end there.

 Orion Choco Pie

Orion and Lotte sell millions of Choco pies to North Korean workers each year…until Kim Jung Un banned them in 2014 for being an ideological threat. This even led to South Koreans flying balloons full of Choco Pies over to North Korea as a means of protest. Choco pies show that the outside world is prosperous and constantly growing. So basically, you are eating a political symbol. 

Korean Grapes

Another popular snack that is unfortunately too perishable to include are Korean grapes. Otherwise known as Kyoho grapes, actually pop out of the skin without any peeling, a trait called slip-skin. Also, they are extra sweet and have an extremely unique taste compared to other grapes. Be sure to pick some up at the Korean market!

 Kyoho Grapes

Korean Cuisine

Korean BBQ is like no other dining experience. The combination of cooking your own meat, having endless plates of raw meat come out, and pairing your meal with a plethora of side dishes is indescribable.

The meats feature a mouthwatering section of beef brisket, pork belly, bulgogi, spicy chicken, galbi prime rib, and much more. There are plenty of sauces and marinades to choose from as well so it is nearly impossible to get bored during dinner. Typically, Korean BBQ will run you between $20 to $30, but it is totally worth it.

Thanks for tuning in, feel free to check out some additional resources below, including a recipe for cooking pork belly at home.


Additional Resources

  1. A List of the “Best” Korean Foods – with pictures!
    1. URL: https://migrationology.com/south-korean-food-dishes/
  2. Epic History of the Binggrae Banana Milk and other Korean News
    1. URL: http://www.korea.net/NewsFocus/Business/view?articleId=122721
  3. Make Your Own Pork Belly!
    1. URL: http://www.spicetheplate.com/pork/korean-style-pan-fried-pork-belly/

David Wang
David Wang


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